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Phantom PDF is a multi-feature PDF solution from Foxit, the makers of the free PDF viewer we all know and love. It allows users to view, convert, edit and create PDF documents and features a host of basic and advanced features including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), cloud storage integration and PDF signatures.


Phantom PDF is available in three versions: Standard, Business, and Education. Each one has a variety of associated features, although the standard version notably includes almost everything one would need when it comes to managing and converting PDF documents.



  • Easy-to-use, familiar interface – This is of course based on our Microsoft Word familiarity. For MS Office users, it looks very much like an extension of that platform.
  • Integrate multimedia files – this is definitely something that not all PDF applications can do, and although it may not be a requirement for all users, it’s a great feature.
  • Robust security and sharing features – ConnectedPDF and a host of collaboration platform compatibilities allow PhantomPDF to easily integrate into your workflow.
  • Good multi-language functionality – PhantomPDF can easily handle conversion and editing in many different languages – up to 41 – which is key for international businesses.



  • Limited Trial Registration – The free trial is limited in its functionality (not just its duration), so it’s harder to tell if you would buy the full version.
  • Doesn’t convert to ePub – this might not be a deal breaker for some, but it would be nice to include this popular format.
  • OCR issues – enabling the OCR functionality requires a separate download of that specific module, and its performance drops significantly when dealing with complex image-heavy documents.

Foxit Phantom Review


Phantom PDF is a powerful tool that includes a long list of functionalities relating to PDF documents. It allows you to view and annotate PDFs, convert them into other file formats such as MS Word, and handle multiple files for easy management. Its advanced features such as OCR make scanned documents editable, and it also supports ConnectedPDF to take advantage of the cloud in managing your documents – an interesting feature.


Notable Features


PhantomPDF comes with the standard range of features of most leading PDF solutions, but a few make it stand out from the pack.


Working with multiple documents is easy with PhantomPDF since it splits them in separate tabs, and we are used to its Microsoft Office-like interface and toolbars. Although the interface is relatively user-friendly, it might take a bit of getting used to for those not familiar with that style of layout.


PhantomPDF has some unique little features that help with editing individual documents, such as font matching – if you want to add something to a particular paragraph, the program will try to use the same font as the original document for your text. It will also allow you to change the paragraph settings such as justification and spacing, and includes a powerful measurement tool for images.


The application’s security features are robust, and include electronic signing with PDF Sign, a flexible redaction tool, and Microsoft Rights Management encryption and decryption capabilities.

Creating and Converting PDFs


PhantomPDF’s power really shines when it comes to creating and converting documents, especially in its Business version. It allows you to create industry-standard PDF documents in all formats, including PDF/A, in addition to E and X (Business only). It can also convert PDF to Microsoft Office files, .RTF, HTML, and plain text.


You can merge files, create PDFs from web browsers and emails, and even from Microsoft Visio (again, Business only). Finally, PhantomPDF can integrate large multimedia files such as video into your documents. There isn’t much more you could need to create or convert PDF documents here.

Online Functionality and Collaboration


Leveraging the power of the cloud is a trend that all software is jumping on lately, and Foxit is no exception. With everyone working off some combination of cloud-based services and platforms, it’s not unusual to expect your PDF solution to fit into that scheme.


Phantom PDF offers a wide range of compatibilities when it comes to sharing, annotating and collaborating on documents, including Net Documents, iManage Worksite and SharePoint integration. It also connects seamlessly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive services, which at this point is a given for modern applications.


Final Verdict


PhantomPDF is a solid application by a trusted company. Foxit has delivered a reliable and easy-to-use PDF solution that offers more than enough functionality and security for the average user at a decent price point. While its limits get tested when it comes to higher-end conversion tasks, PhantomPDF handles everyday business viewing, conversion, and editing jobs like a breeze, and offers serious competition to the industry-standard Adobe suite.


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