Nitro Pro


Introducing Nitro Pro, the latest offering from the Nitro PDF software family. This product invites users to explore a 'smarter, faster' approach to viewing, converting, editing, and creating PDFs. Nitro Pro is designed to encompass the full range of standard PDF functionalities while prioritizing ease of use and efficiency. Performance is at the forefront, with increased speed, flexibility, and seamless cloud storage integration.


Nitro Pro Packages


The full version of Nitro Pro is available in two packages:


Standard Suite: Covering a wide range of functionalities, from PDF conversion to document creation.

Business Version: Tailored for companies of all sizes, with a focus on collaboration and productivity. The enterprise-level solution includes training resources and support for planning and reporting.




  • User-Friendly: Nitro Pro excels in user-friendliness. Its interface is familiar and intuitive, supported by a robust help section, numerous tutorials, and an active user community.
  • Speed: This application prioritizes speed, both in terms of getting started and overall performance.
  • High-Quality OCR: Nitro Pro boasts improved OCR capabilities, positioning it as a strong competitor to Adobe Acrobat.
  • Value for Money: Nitro Pro offers excellent value, considering its features, stability, and speed.



  • Lack of Mobile Optimization: While Nitro Pro enables web optimization of documents, it falls short in offering the same level of optimization for mobile devices.
  • Customer Support: Reports suggest that customer support may not be top-notch, with no live chat available on their website. However, the application's user-friendliness and community resources compensate for this.
  • No ePub Conversion: Notably, Nitro Pro does not support ePub conversion, although this may not be a deal-breaker for most users.

Nitro Pro Review


Nitro Pro stands as a comprehensive PDF management solution, covering the full spectrum of PDF functionalities. These include conversion tools for seamless transitions between PDF and Microsoft Office formats, document creation capabilities producing industry-standard documents, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), electronic signatures, and cloud integration.


Stand-Out Features


Nitro Pro distinguishes itself with speed, robustness, and user-friendliness. Its interface closely resembles MS Office, making integration into your workflow seamless for those familiar with the Microsoft suite. The emphasis here is on speed and ease of use, a goal Nitro has achieved admirably.


The application incorporates features like high-quality OCR, image manipulation within documents, and an extensive and user-friendly help section with tutorials. Notably, the QuickSign tool simplifies signature integration, allowing users to draw or scan signatures effortlessly.




Nitro Pro offers an array of conversion functionalities typical of professional PDF applications. Users can convert between PDF and Microsoft formats, images, plain text, and optimize documents for web content. Batch conversion and the extraction/combination of multiple documents are straightforward tasks.


Editing and Collaboration


Extensive document editing is facilitated, including tasks such as assigning page numbers, adding comments, logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and utilizing Bates numbering for legal document labeling. The application also includes a useful redaction tool, annotation capabilities, stamping, and measurement features within documents.


Sharing and comparing documents are simplified, with seamless integration with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Compatibility with collaboration platforms like SharePoint is also a notable feature.


Document Creation


Nitro Pro offers powerful PDF creation capabilities, supporting hundreds of industry-standard file formats. Users can scan and print to PDF, create editable forms, and archive documents in PDF/A format. Enhanced security options, including document permissions and passwords, contribute to data protection and tracking.


Final Verdict


Nitro Pro emerges as a potent PDF solution, posing a significant challenge to Adobe's dominance. It delivers professional-level PDF functionalities, high-quality OCR, and robust redaction tools that appeal to business users. Overall, it combines stability and user-friendliness at an attractive price point, delivering exceptional value to users across the spectrum.


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