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PDF Suite is an easy-to-use PDF converter software that allows you to view, create, edit and secure PDFs and other documents at a reasonable price point. Overall, its features appear somewhat limited, although depending on the version, you can have access to enterprise-level functionalities such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and fillable form creation.


The main appeal of PDF suite (and its main selling point from the product website) seems to be the value it brings – it’s a relatively light, user-friendly and affordable program that can nevertheless do a lot for your PDF document management needs.



  • Create interactive forms – PDF suite allows you to easily create fillable, interactive forms with a simple import function. This can be done from scratch or by modifying existing documents.
  • Extensive security features – the application features digital signature functionality, password protection, and different levels of access permissions for your documents.
  • Optimize documents for mobile devices – PDF suite allows you to optimize your documents not only for web display, but also for mobile platforms, which is handy.
  • Add multimedia files to documents – you can easily add video and sound files to your documents with PDF suite, which is something not all leading PDF software can do.



  • No redaction function – one of the limitations of the application is that it does not allow for redaction of documents, which is a shame considering its other security and collaboration features.
  • Text-manipulation is limited – it can be a bit frustrating to manipulate text, from centering to moving to changing fonts, which makes PDF Suite not well-suited for certain types of editing.
  • Stability issues – Several bugs have been reported with the software, but your mileage may vary when it comes to this issue. It’s been talked about enough to be worth mentioning, although we didn’t experience any major problems installing and running PDF Suite.
  • No Bates Numbering – another limitation of PDF Suite is the lack of Bates numbering, which reduces its appeal for professional users.

PDF Suite Review


PDF Suite is a unique entry in the long list of PDF software available today. It presents itself as a user-friendly, lightweight application that will allow users to perform a wide range of PDF related functions, including conversion from almost any readable format, content editing, form creation, document merging and more.


The emphasis on user-friendliness is apparent in PDF Suite’s interface, as it appears to be modeled on the Microsoft Word layout, which is a widely adored configuration. While the software might appear a bit simple on the surface, it will allow users to get up and running quickly after installation.


Main Features


The latest incarnation of PDF Suite comes in different versions, from Standard to Professional to the full version which includes OCR functionality. The standard version is quite limited in its features, and allows you to view, convert, and create and edit documents.


It must be noted that editing is very limited in the standard version, and in general it can pose a few issues for users looking to reformat and move text around within the document. For example, there is no centering function, and text formatting is not copied along with text. You can however add images, tables and special characters with ease.


The professional version expands the security and collaboration functions of the software, providing 256-bit password protection, digital signatures, and access control to your documents. It lacks some important features such as Bates numbering and redaction, however.


PDF Suite shines when it comes to creating forms. You can create them from scratch, modify existing templates, and add interesting features like buttons for emailing or printing.


Conversion is also breeze with PDF Suite – you can convert to all PDF and Microsoft formats, as well as image formats. Another nice feature is the ability to optimize your files for mobile displays.


Final Verdict


PDF Suite really is easy to use, and comes with a nice range of PDF management functionalities, but it hits limits fairly quickly depending on what you need to do. Think of it as a lightweight, basic PDF converter and editor software with a few professional level functions thrown in. If you’re looking for OCR, interactive form creation and access control, PDF Suite could work for you. On the other hand, the lack of redaction and Bates numbering could be a deal breaker for some business users.


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